Hiphei,meilläkin on lunta!..tosin ei paljoa...toivon ma lisäää :))

Hey,we are having snow!..not so much but all white outside and I just wish some moooore :))


...no rabbits?...it will come later & in evening -time :)) Our Teppo-kitty found one couple of days ago and boy how she runned with the bunny :)) New friend to kitty who is spending hers first snowy wintertime visiting outside...she´s been indoor-kitty when she lived with another family... :))

Anyway, so Aenora my friend, here´s today´s wiews from Us :)) & Teppo sents some hugs to You too :)) ...and of course bunny white says hi-hi´s too...that hiding one :))))))))

Nii...siis meil on lunta ja kaik puput josai piilos,myös se Teppo kissin uus kamu muutaman päivän takaa...menivät muuten suht rivakkaasti ympärämpär pihaa,iso valkoinen jänis ja meitin musta "pikku"-kissi :)))))))


Ja sitten oli jotain kutimisiakin:

And then there was some knitted things too:

Tähtipipoi pastelleissa / Star-hats in pastells

Have You ever had thoughts about what color are months...like what color is January or February etc?..I´ve thinked that for long time now...In my mind January is white,february is light blue and March?..might be rosa... hmmm ...

...so this months colors is these all :))

I also did had some thoughts like what if tree-hat?...simple tree,x-mas tree...still without decos,just yellow "star" what is pompom today :)) Aaand some Gnomes to little boy called Nuutti :))

Ja täs oli sitten ne Nuutin Tontut :)) ( ja simppeli "kuusi"-pipa ;) )

Hauskaa Lauantaita ja viikonloppua sinulle :)

Happy Saturday & weekend to You