Eli muistatte viimeaikain kamut:

So,You remember these  little fellows:

From left to right: "Just a little love", "Ice baby,Ice", " Lavendel dreamer"...

Hmm,siis pastelliampparit -FreezeBee´s :)))

Then comes these Babygifts:

Nämä siis vauvalahjaksi...IIIK :)))

You can not never imagine how thrilled I am with this idea :))

New & simple and never ending,always in fashion,just changeing some colors :)

Mittens are too to becaming:

Lapasia myös tuleepis...

...tyyliin tämä, seuraa valmistunee pikapuoliin :))

...and looks like this, with or without that little heart...but I think it is simply perfect like this :))


Happy Tuesday to You :))

Hauskaa Tiistaita Sinulle :))