Can´t believe it´s Tuesday...or did I lived over Monday at all...
It was fine day,we(I & little boys)thinked to listen some new music what bought before x.mas...boys liked cause all old songs...
...and I was going to deco some hats ...
...but then came the postman and gave that newest Moda-magazine(knitting mag here in Finland)...and didn´t saw only one or two first pages...heart this:
A Mousehat to someones other newest made book...
These ones what I made...
since -95...
...and these ones in -97 when mades those to one Unifils War-area with love in my heart and as ease the pain by doing something beautiful for little childrens who waits at soldiers was then,long ago ,but thinking those still hurts...cannot know how hard those were to make...

So I tryed to make those again :))
Those same colors as in magazine...
And couple more,just for the memorice...and it was pritty ok to maybe might...
todo,but (there is always that "but")

Now I just keep on thinking "where to Stand"

After trying todo those mousehats we did listen some more Seal´s music,
song called "it´s Alright" tells a lot :) ,another song "if you don´t Know Me By Now"
fitted good in my moods today and that "Knock On Wood" is always good

So I hope it´s gonna be a place for Me too, today it did went a little lost

Jep,Musiikkia kuunneltiin,lehtiä selattiin(tasan pari ekaa kunnes...),sitten tehtiin vähän vanhaa ja muisteltiin menneitä ja...liian raskasta kääntää,joten
Hauskaa Tiistaita, Keskiviikko parein :)

So Have a nice Tuesday,listen some music, it always heels a bit and tomorrow will be time to new & better,let´s just hope so :)