...where is that Wayne
...mihinäs son se Wäinö.....

Nooh...tietenkin...Alla omenapuun,ei voi olla kukaan muu =))
So,well...of course...Under the Appletree,cannot be nobody(else) =))))

Siellä,siellä se Wäinö on

Some explainings: there was one song called (freetranslated) Wayne&Appletree and that song has been "in my head" for a while...since I got that pincushion-tree from Usa&from my dearest friend Laurie...Thank You once again Laurie!!!!
So I made a little "tunings"(word of today in our home&teached by my two sons) or could it call like that cause it is a pincushion...so I added red needles like to be apples,and of course cause it is a tree,it needed 7 pairs of birdyes eyes(one bird/each day to hide & sing)
Last evening I felt little sick so I desided to go home little earlyer with no work with,after little while I did felt little better,so there was nothing to do (oh,dear!!!)...so I started to make that gnome...and it looked like "Wayne"...and so He ended to work with Me ;)...and it looks like Wayne is going to knit some red´s =))

Wayne the Little Gnome is designed by Alan Dart =))
Appletree is made by Bonjovigirl :))))))

Aaand, Cause Monday went already...
Happy,happy Tuesday to You toooo =))

...and now back to work with Wayne and maybe some more singings too ;)